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‘Twas just days before the Brainerd Jaycees $150,000 Ice Fishing Extravaganza

Posted on: January 14th, 2013 by brainerdchamber

Brainerd Lakes Area fishing contestBrainerd Lakes Area eventIt’s that time of year in the Brainerd Lakes Area – for ice anglers, it compares to that feeling a child has on the night before Christmas. It’s that moment in time when you hold onto that hope that this year could be the year – the year that you drive home a new truck after landing the biggest fish in the world’s largest, and greatest, ice fishing contest, the Brainerd Jaycees $150,000 Ice Fishing Extravaganza. Never mind that 10,000 others have the same belief. Much like Santa, you have your list and you’re checking it twice. Fishing rod, check. Hand warmers, check. Coffee can and charcoal, check. Lighter, check. Chisel, check. Hole scoop, check. Ticket, check. Beverage of choice, check. You get the idea. Rather than setting out cookies and milk, it’s time to set out the gear. The biggest dilemma comes in setting out this year’s foolproof lure. The tried-and-true red hook and a shiner or maybe you’re going with a gimmick – can you say chicken gizzards or red licorice? This year, 23rd place doesn’t sound half bad. So you’re packing your Lindy clown jig as this lucky lure could help you score an additional $3,000. When you’re done packing and checking your list, you’re just left with anticipation – and watching the forecast! (You know it will be the coldest weekend of the year!) And for this annual feeling, on behalf of all contestants, we just want to say thank you.

Thank you to the Brainerd Jaycees for hosting such a fun outdoor event. It’s an opportunity for good-natured ribbing with our fishing buddies with side bets to see who catches the first, most, or biggest fish with the greatest gift of bragging rights until the next year. It’s an opportunity to be part of something that’s difficult to describe as it must be experienced – just taking in all the sights and sounds – singing the national anthem, hearing the cannon go off, dropping your line, breathing in the crisp air, feeling a nip on your line, cheering anglers running to the weigh-in, watching the nearby bowling or bean bag game, checking out how people stay warm – you see a lot of blaze orange and bomber hats! So when the clock strikes 3, the prize winners are determined. But in this Gull Lake ice fishing contest, we’re really all winners. The Jaycees give us this opportunity to give back to the community, to be part of a great tradition, to put something in our life’s bucket, even if it’s not a prize-winning fish. – Kathi Nagorski

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