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Brainerd Lakes Fishing Report 3/29/13

Posted on: March 29th, 2013 by Brainerd Lakes Chamber


Finally we are into some awesome weather! The wind has been light and the sun has been warm. Last year I had my boat out for two weeks already! We are starting to lose some ice and snow around the Brainerd Lakes Area, and the fishing has been good! 

The sunfish have mostly moved to shallow weed flats close to spawning grounds. I like to start in 7-12 feet of water, and I will hole hop aggressively until a pattern is established. I always have wax worms and euro larva, but I have shifted to starting with plastics. Plastics seem to work just as well, and they are very durable, so you are spending less time baiting the hook.

Crappies have also started moving shallow, and some spots you will catch a mixture of both. If you hit the ice early morning or late in the evening, crappie action will be better. I like to look for deep depressions in large weed flats. Let’s say the area is an average of 7-9 feet deep, and I find a spot that is 10-12 feet deep, that’s normally where the crappies will be. 

Good luck and be safe, I have been leaving the truck on shore now, the ice is getting soft fast!  Time to get ready and go fish! 

Thanks for reading, Capt. Tim Hanske






Brainerd Lakes Area

Most crappies and sunnies have been hanging a bit deeper than usual, possibly due to a lack of oxygen in the shallows as a result of the abundant snow on top of the ice which is inhibiting sun from reaching the weeds. Smaller area lakes have been consistently producing fish. Check areas with deep basins close to large weed flats for the most fish, beginning in 10-18 feet of water.

Isle/Onamia – Lake Mille Lacs

As of late last week, the perch and tulibee bite on Lake Mille Lacs had been tough, although a few fish continued to be taken. Time on the ice was better spent fishing for crappies and sunnies, especially in Isle and Wahkon bays. The ice was nearly as thick as the length of an auger so extensions were highly recommended. Shovels were also very helpful. 

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