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Brainerd Lakes Fishing Report April 18, 2013

Posted on: April 19th, 2013 by Brainerd Lakes Chamber


Brainerd Lakes Area

As of late last week, there was still plenty of ice on Brainerd area lakes, and the fish were biting! Round Lake and North Long Lake’s 371 Bay were kicking out good numbers of crappies and sunnies. Anglers were having the most success using jigs tipped with wax worms, euro larva or plastics in 6-12 feet of water at the big weedy flats. One local guide recommends starting out with plastics and test their effectiveness since they require less maintenance. On some lakes, anglers were having a great time since they were able to sight fish! Please note that truck and car travel is highly discouraged, but ATV travel was still fine last week.

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The snow is flying here in the Brainerd Lakes Area, and I try not complain but this is getting old!  If I were an avid snowmobile rider, I would be supper excited. The good news is that fish are biting! I did talk to someone who drove a truck out a few days ago, but I strongly recommend walking or taking a machine, the ice has become pretty soft.  Here is this week’s rundown!

Sunfish have been biting really well during the day.  It seems like brighter days are better than cloudy days, at least for the bigger gills. The target depth on average is between 5-11 feet of water. Drill holes until your arms are sore, because these schools move so much this time of year. They are roaming the shallows getting ready for spawn. 

Crappies have been biting decent. It seems they are still trickling into the shallow water. Some days we catch a bunch, and others days it is mostly sunfish. If you are trying to target crappies specially, use a minnow head and a small spoon. This will deter the small fish from distracting you; also it is more appealing to crappies. 

Good luck if you hit the ice!  Be safe, and catch them! 

Thanks Capt. Tim Hanske



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