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Brainerd Lakes Fishing Report June 17, 2013

Posted on: June 17th, 2013 by Brainerd Lakes Chamber


Fishing in the Brainerd Lakes Area has been improving, and here is a quick run down.

Walleyes have been biting on The Whitefish Chain and North Long. The best depths have been 8-16 feet of water. The choice of bait was normally a jig and shiner, however a live bait rig tipped with a redtail has been producing walleyes. The walleyes have been transitioning into early summer spots, and some can still be found in spring locations.  For this wacky year, it helps to switch gears, and keep trying different areas until a pattern is established. 

Bass and crappies have been biting well in shallow, warm bays. For crappies all you need is a small jig and a casting bubble. The bass have been eating pretty much anything that is fished on the inside weed edge, typically 2-10 feet of water. The fish are biting; it helps to be open to what you want to catch!

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Pine River

Walleyes have been active in all Pine River area lakes, as well as in the Whitefish Chain, Pine Mountain, Woman and Leech Lake. Walleyes are coming from relatively shallow depths of 6-15 feet. A jig and minnow combination continues has been best, but trolling or casting shallow-running crankbaits during low light hours and after dark has also been effective. The crappie bite is at its peak with crappies still found in the shallow bays and inlets. Northern pike have been very active along the weedlines. Bass fishing has been excellent, with recent reports of several fish weighing more than 5 pounds being taken. Fishing should continue to improve the next few weeks. The late arrival of spring has extended the prime fishing period through June and probably into July!

Brainerd Lakes Area

Walleye fishing really picked up in the Brainerd Lakes area last week. Walleyes have moved to the weed edges where they have been actively feeding. Round and North Long lakes have produced lots of walleyes during morning and evening hours in 8-15 feet of water. A jig and shiner minnow is really all that is needed, however, live bait rigs are producing more and more fish. Crappies and sunnies have remained in the shallows, with the majority of fish taken during afternoon hours. The best approach has been to cast a small jig with a white puddle jumper. If you find that the fish have turned a bit finicky, switch to a minnow.

Isle/Onamia – Lake Mille Lacs

Anglers will want to cast a line soon on Lake Mille Lacs since the fishing has been exceptional. Twenty to fifty-fish days are not uncommon, with slot keepers being taken. During the day, fish the edges. At night, stay close to the rock piles using slip bobbers with a leech or minnow in 10-15 feet of water; leeches are now producing walleyes. When the water is calm, try casting a jig and whole fathead away from boat. Smallmouth bass are also very active; for an exciting outing, hit the shallow reefs. Panfish anglers are taking good numbers of fish, especially from area lakes such as Smith, Borden and Farm Island. Panfish leeches and flu flu’s or a cubby mini mite are working best. The larger crappies are active in and out of the shallows for most of the day. Water temperatures are holding in the mid- to upper 50’s. Anglers should note that fishing is now allowed past 10:00 p.m. 

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