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Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report 6/1/15

Posted on: June 2nd, 2015 by Brainerd Lakes Chamber

Fishing Report – 6/1/15

The walleye bite in the Brainerd Lakes Area has been a little inconsistent with all the changing weather. We have been targeting Gull Lake, Pelican Lake, and North Long Lake. It can be really good one day and the next be very slow. You just don’t know what to expect and have to take it day by day. That being said we are still getting some nice fish. We saw several mid 20 inch fish this week. They seem to be a little scattered still and we are catching them as shallow as 8-12 feet and as deep as 30-33 feet along will all the depths in between. It just depends on the lake and the conditions that day. Use you electronics to cover water and search them out. If you can’t seem to locate them on the graphs in water deeper than 15 feet try getting up shallow and pitching a jig and shiner around. If you can spot them in the deeper water a slip weight rig and shiner or a jigging rap have both been putting fish in the boat and have been my go to setups.

The bass bite has been outstanding on every lake I have been on this week. I have been pitching a jig worm setup in the shallows usually around docks but also some shorelines. Water less than 6 feet is the targeted area. Berkley Powerbait 7 inch Powerworms have been my go to setup for this. This is fast action and very fun.

The crappies are still biting and this can be fast action as well. The males are up guarding the beds and are easy to locate. Look for them in the shallows around the pencil reeds or cover and toss your favorite plastic under a float in front of them. This works well on the calmer days without much wind. To book a trip and share the boat for a day with us call 218-839-5598 or visit us at www.walleyedan.com.

Good Luck,

Nick Miltimore

Walleyedan’s Guide Service



Fishing Report – 5/28/15

Walleye fishing doesn’t have to be boring, fish shallow and be aggressive.

“Snap-jigging” is an aggressive spin on traditional jig fishing that has been putting walleyes in the boat around the Brainerd Lakes Area. With this presentation you’ll want to let your jig settle on the lake bottom, then with a quick SNAP of the wrist pop the lure 1′ to 2′ off the bottom, letting the jig fall back down to the lake floor before proceeding to rip it again. The majority of your bites will come as the lure slowly falls back to the lake floor, as the tail of the grub is flapping in Mr. Walleye’s face.

I have been having my best luck Snap-Jigging with a 3.5″ Berkley Ripple Shad on a 3/16 oz. VMC Half Moon Jig. Perch or shiner patterns are known producers that work well on many of our local lakes.

I have been targeting areas in 8′ to 11′ where cabbage weeds have greened up on the edges of large flats that extend to the main lake basin. What you lack in quantity will be made up for in quality. This type of presentation is also a great multi-species tool. Don’t be surprised if you hook into a handful of largemouth bass and northern pike at the same time, it will definitely keep you on your toes!

Gull Lake, North Long, and Round Lake have all been very susceptible to this technique over the past few days. Don’t be afraid to try it on your favorite body of water.

Brett McComas


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