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“Minnesota must invest in tourism to stay competitive, attract more out-of-state visitors and grow Minnesota’s tourism business.”

With members of the Explore Minnesota Tourism Council and Minnesota Tourism Growth Coalition (MTGC) in the background, Lisa Paxton, chair of the MTGC, spoke to attendees of the EMT Tourism Conference in Minneapolis about the importance of a united tourism industry to increase Minnesota’s tourism marketing efforts.

Lisa Paxton, Minnesota Tourism Growth Coalition chair


The Minnesota Tourism Growth Coalition was created to coordinate activities to increase the marketing budget for Explore Minnesota Tourism through an increase in awareness of the importance of the tourism industry in Minnesota.  The Coalition has support from more than 100 tourism organizations and businesses throughout the state.


Investing in Tourism is Smart

  • Tourism in the state of Minnesota is an $11.9 billion industry – generating $32 million a day.
  • Tourism supports almost 240,000 leisure and hospitality jobs providing $4.1 billion in wages. 
  • Tourism generates nearly $769 million in state sales tax revenues, which is 17 percent of Minnesota’s sales tax revenues.   
  • Travel and tourism creates jobs and generates sales in virtually every county of Minnesota
  • Travel and tourism has a positive impact, supporting a wide variety of Main Street businesses across the state.


Tourism Spending Return on Investment

  • Every $1 invested in state tourism marketing returns an estimated: $8 in state and local taxes, $22 in income and $84 in spending by travelers.
  • Explore Minnesota Tourism leverages state funding by generating private sector support through cash and in-kind matching funds. 
  • There are few ways government generates revenue and jobs – tourism does both.


Tourism is Fueled by Promotion

  • Minnesota’s investment in tourism marketing has fallen to almost 1990 levels.
  • Our funding level ranks 30th in the country. 
  • Minnesota is being outspent in tourism marketing by our competitors.
  • Regional competitors like Michigan, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Illinois and Montana outspend us in tourism marketing. 


Please Support an Increase of
Minnesota’s Tourism Marketing Budget
to $16 Million Per Year